Cory Monteith’s Mom Says Lea Michele Unintentionally Broke the News of His Death to Her

Cory Monteith’s mother, Ann McGregor, is actually opening up about the day she was told her son had died.

The late Glee actor died on July 13, 2013 coming from an overdose involving heroin as well as alcohol. He was 31 years old. In a completely new interview, McGregor says This kind of was actually Monteith’s girlfriend at the time, Lea Michele, who informed her in which he was dead. 

“I got a call coming from Lea as well as she was screaming on the phone,” McGregor tells People. “She was yelling, ‘is actually This kind of true, is actually This kind of true about Cory?’ as well as I said, ‘What about Cory?’ I had heard nothing. as well as then police knocked on my front door.”

“I went into a state of numbness,” McGregor continues. “I just shut off all emotions, as well as I was numb.”

McGregor says she is actually certain in which Monteith did not intentionally kill himself, as well as was in fact doing plans for the future, including renting an apartment in Vancouver, Canada. Monteith was raised in Victoria, British Columbia.

“Cory wanted a wife as well as kids,” she shares. “He would certainly have made a beautiful father. He had accomplished so much. He was ready to step out of Hollywood as well as definitely live. He had so much to look forward to.”

“Cory didn’t want to die,” she continues. “There is actually no doubt about in which. although he’s carried in people’s hearts forever.”

Since Monteith’s death, 31-year-old Michele has kept his memory alive. On the fifth anniversary of his death last week, Michele tweeted, “‘There are some who bring a light so great to the earth, in which even after they have gone, the light remains.’❤”

Last year, she also shared a sweet throwback pic of the two together.

“Hard to believe This kind of’s been 4 years… We miss you C… love you more ❤,” she wrote.

Michele is actually currently engaged to Zandy Reich, the president of the women’s fashion brand AYR. In May, she appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, as well as talked about the proposal which took place from the Hamptons.

“I was so surprised, I kept saying, ‘Stop joking around, stop joking around!’” she recalled. “I keep thinking [the ring is actually] borrowed as well as I have to give This kind of back at some point.”

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