Cost of GOP tax bill puts entitlement programs at risk of cuts

This kind of is actually the program which helps meet health-care as well as long-term-care needs of low-income people — as well as, advocates say, could top the list of targets for budget cuts.

the idea is actually the third-largest domestic program from the federal budget after Social Security as well as Medicare, costing the government $364 billion in 2016.

Medicaid is actually funded jointly by the states as well as the federal government. States get at least $1 in federal funds for every qualifying $1 a state spends on the program, although in some cases they get even more. Federal funds come through general revenue.

Many older Americans rely on the program. In 2014, 7.4 million seniors used the idea, accounting for 21 percent of program spending, according to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, a research firm.

Basically, when retirees run out of money as well as need nursing-home care or various other long-term care, Medicaid steps in. (Medicare does not cover long-term care.) the idea also supplemented coverage for nearly 11 million Medicare beneficiaries.

The largest group of beneficiaries are 34 million children, accounting for 19 percent of the program’s spending in 2014, Kaiser research shows.

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