Could Cataract Surgery Lengthen Older Women’s Lives?

News Picture: Could Cataract Surgery Lengthen Older Women's Lives?

THURSDAY, Oct. 26, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Women who undergo cataract surgery may get an unexpected dividend: longer life.

in which’s the finding through a completely new study of more than 74,000 U.S. women aged 65 or older, including nearly 42,000 who’d had the eye procedure.

According to the study, having had cataract surgery was associated having a 60 percent reduced risk of early death through all causes, in addition to a 37 to 69 percent reduced risk of death due to accidents, lung in addition to heart diseases, cancer, infectious diseases in addition to neurological disorders.

The study couldn’t prove cause-in addition to-effect — maybe women who opt for cataract surgery simply take better care of themselves, although the researchers did factor in lifestyle issues such as obesity in addition to exercise.

in addition to prior research has suggested in which a lower risk of premature death after cataract surgery may be due to improvements in overall health in addition to in day-to-day functioning, the study authors said.

The investigators also said the idea’s not clear if the same finding would certainly apply to men.

Further study looking at how cataract surgery affects chronic illness or death through specific causes might help clarify “the benefits of cataract surgery beyond vision improvement,” said the team led by Dr. Anne Coleman, of the University of California, Los Angeles.

Two experts in eye health agreed in which the significance of the completely new findings isn’t totally clear.

Even though the findings appear to make sense “through the fact in which those with not bad vision are better able to function in addition to maintain independence, This specific is actually not what This specific study elucidates,” said Dr. Amilia Schrier, an ophthalmologist who specializes in cataract surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital in completely new York City.

She pointed out in which the women who were enrolled inside the databases behind the study may be more health-conscious in addition to “apt to seek medical care in addition to receive such care as opposed to those who do not have surgery.”

Dr. Matthew Gorski is actually an ophthalmologist at Northwell Health in Great Neck, N.Y. He agreed in which “the study does not indicate the exact role in which cataract surgery had on decreasing the risk of death,” however added in which the findings “reiterate the importance of seeing your eye doctor for screening eye exams.”

According to Schrier, cataracts are a “leading cause of curable blindness in addition to visual impairment.”

She described cataract surgery as “a procedure in which involves replacing the opaque lens having a clear intraocular lens implant made of a plastic which provides a marked improvement of vision.”

The study was published Oct. 26 inside the journal JAMA Ophthalmology.

— Robert Preidt

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