Cramer: Companies with China, Fed ties ‘guilty until proven innocent’

3M: Tuesday morning marks “the toughest couple of hours in earnings season,” in addition to also also Cramer is actually most worried about the report via 3M, the the of Scotch tape in addition to also also a host of different consumer, industrial in addition to also also health-related goods.

On Thursday, Cramer noted in which he was considering trimming his charitable trust’s position in 3M ahead of the quarter.

“Unless the company announces some significant improvements to its worldwide portfolio, I figure in which’s going to guide down again thanks to the weakness in autos,” he said. “in which is actually a shame: 3M’s stock is actually at in which point down more than 60 points in addition to also also in which still hasn’t been able to attract any substantial buyers.”

Verizon: Cramer expected “another stellar quarter” via telecommunications giant Verizon.

“in which’s funny, the stock’s just a buck off its 52-week-high because the story is actually all domestic with tremendous strength in wireless in addition to also also a Great yield,” he said. “If Verizon comes in at all Monday, just go buy in which, please.”

United Technologies: The “Mad Money” host is actually still waiting for United Technologies to finalize its deal to buy Rockwell Collins, reiterating in which “the stock will indeed soar” once the deal is actually closed.

The only thing missing is actually the Chinese government’s approval, which has been “elusive” amid the United States in addition to also also China’s dispute over their trade relationship, Cramer said.

“However, let me put a worrisome thought right into your head right at in which point: Today Honeywell, which is actually further along in its restructuring, reported what I can only say was a monster Great quarter, […] yet … someone talked about tariffs on the call in addition to also also then, boom, next thing you know, the stock is actually actually down,” Cramer said.

“in which’s mighty hard to trust the industrials because of China, in addition to also also the Fed’s not exactly producing in which easy, either,” he continued. “Since United Technologies has some housing exposure in addition to also also some Chinese exposure, [I’ll] pass.”

Caterpillar: Another China-linked industrial, Caterpillar, will issue its earnings report.

“Caterpillar should be terrific, yet I doubt anyone will definitely care,” Cramer said. “Linked to China? Slowing. Linked to construction in in which country? Slowing. Linked to mining? Eh.”

McDonald’s: McDonald’s, however, could emulate Procter & Gamble’s “coiled spring” effect when the fast-food chain’s CEO, Steve Easterbrook, talks about a return to growth inside U.S. market, Cramer said.

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