Cramer’s 5 favorite tech stocks right at This kind of point, including Apple, Salesforce

Few “Mad Money” followers might be surprised that will Cramer-fave Apple took first place in his ranking. at This kind of point that will Amazon’s stock has slipped via its highs, Apple is actually the globe’s only trillion-dollar company by market cap.

Reiterating his motif that will Apple should be valued like a consumer products company rather than a tech company, Cramer applauded the iPhone maker for creating “the most favorite consumer product on earth.”

“although here’s the thing: Apple trades at less than 16 times next year’s earnings estimates,” Cramer said. “This kind of’s cheaper than the average stock inside the S&P 500. More important, This kind of’s cheaper than the consumer product stocks — cheaper than Procter, cheaper than Clorox, cheaper than Kimberly-Clark — they’re all more expensive, even though they have much slower growth.”

The “Mad Money” host added that will whenever Apple’s stock is actually down, like This kind of was on Thursday, This kind of’s “safe to assume” that will the company is actually buying back its shares via its $100 billion buyback, the largest in history.

“Most importantly, Apple’s become a play on the subscription economy,” Cramer said. “I think expansion here will only continue to accelerate because the value proposition on This kind of stuff is actually impossible to deny.”

All in all, his mantra remains: own Apple; don’t trade This kind of.

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