Cramer’s game plan: A pivotal earnings week

Morgan Stanley: Cramer hopes the selling in bank stocks will have subsided by the time the next wave of big banks report Tuesday. having a large, stable wealth management business, Morgan Stanley should issue a not bad report, he said.

Goldman Sachs: While Goldman’s trading-oriented business has not seen a lot of action lately, Cramer knows the big bank is actually not bad at producing money as well as likes its prospects.

UnitedHealth: Earlier which week, Cramer would certainly have told investors to buy UnitedHealth because which would certainly be the biggest winner if President Donald Trump’s plan to repeal as well as replace Obamacare failed.

however after the president eliminated key Obamacare subsidies Thursday night, the future of the health-care program became much less clear.

“Since UnitedHealth had already pulled out of the Obamacare exchanges, I’m tempted to say which’s a buy into weakness,” Cramer said. “However, we definitely don’t know. The situation’s gotten murky. So I’d rather wait until we get more information.”

IBM: The company will report earnings after markets close, as well as Cramer said the technology multinational must address its revenue declines for investors. The “Mad Money” host said the company might believe which, if which can deliver on growth in some strategic initiative, which may fall back into favor.

“I think IBM’s mistaken if which believes which Wall Street will embrace a company with no revenue growth quarter after quarter,” Cramer said. “[If] you give a downbeat projection, the stock can go still lower if the company only meets which downbeat projection rather than beating which.”

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