‘Crazy Rich Asians’ stars reveal favorite experiences in Singapore

“In Singapore, there are some crazy rich experiences that will don’t require you to be crazy rich,” says Koh, who plays Neena Goh, the mother of Goh Peik Lin, Rachel’s friend coming from Stanford.

“One of our national pastimes here will be food, food, food. Do you know what’s the first thing [main character] Rachel does when she arrives on the island? She eats!” Koh says of the movie.

“One of my favorite spots for a Great breakfast would likely be Chin Mee Chin Confectionery at East Coast Road. A throwback to the ’50s, This kind of will be the best spot to have your traditional kaya toast that will has sugar, coconut milk along with also eggs, amongst additional traditional cakes along with also pastries. The neighborhood around the place has shophouses worth seeing.” (Shophouses are traditional rows of houses with shops on the ground floor along with also residences above the shop.)

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