Credit Suisse reveals its top biotech stock picks ahead of earnings

Credit Suisse shared with clients its favorite biotechnology stock picks ahead of the third-quarter earnings season.

The health care sector has been on fire so far which year, up 20 percent since January, easily besting the S&P 500’s already-strong 14 percent climb over the same time. yet as talk of tax reform echoes throughout Washington as well as Wall Street, investors have been turning more attention to financials as well as industrials.

Still, things are still looking not bad for health care, according to firm analysts.

“Overall, we think most companies look to be in-line to above their consensus estimates,” wrote analyst Alethia Young on Friday. “Large cap biotech stocks have been strong as we head into the 3Q17 reporting period.”

Here are three of Credit Suisse’s top picks heading into earnings, including analyst summaries as well as cost targets.

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