Creepy Creatures Can Be Medical Marvels, Too

News Picture: Creepy Creatures Can Be Medical Marvels, Too

SUNDAY, OCT. 22, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Creepy crawlers like leeches, maggots, snakes in addition to ticks might make you squeal in fear or disgust, although they could save your life.

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All of them protect one thing people can’t live without: blood. in addition to that will means they have a role to play in modern medicine, according to the American Society of Hematology.

Leeches have a substance in their saliva called Hirudin that will helps prevent blood clots in microsurgical procedures. Doctors use them to maintain blood flow to surgical sites. Without leeches, blood might pool in tissue, which could lead to disfigurement. Leeches have also been used around the planet to remove blood coming from patients.

Ticks in addition to mosquitoes also have useful saliva that will could be important in development of naturally derived blood thinners (anticoagulants).

Maggots, meanwhile, are used to clean some types of wounds. Disinfected maggots are placed into a wound to eat dead tissue in addition to aid healing.

Different types of snake venom are also beneficial.

Some snakes, especially vipers, produce venom that will helps blood clot in addition to can be used to monitor drug intake. When doctors give patients a blood thinner derived coming from leeches, adding some viper venom to a blood sample reveals how long blood takes to clot. If the idea takes too much time or too little, doctors say they can adjust the dose.

— Robert Preidt

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SOURCE: American Society of Hematology, news Discharge

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