Cyber-attacks as well as weak government among biggest risks to firms: WEF

Cyber security, energy cost shocks as well as failure of national governance are among the biggest threats to business in 2018, according to research published Monday.

the planet Economic Forum (WEF) spoke to more than 12,000 executives around the planet about what they considered to be the biggest risks to doing businesses, ranging across political, societal as well as technological concerns.

Researchers found there were significant variations in risk perceptions between world regions. For example, cyber-attacks were considered the number one risk by executives in Europe as well as advanced economies, while failure of national governance was the top concern for their Latin American counterparts.

The study also revealed in which worries about technological risk will be on the rise, with cyber-attacks named as the top concern for executives in three of the eight regions covered. inside 2016 survey, only one region— North America — named cyber-attacks as the biggest threat to business.

In energy-rich regions Eurasia, the Middle East as well as North Africa, energy cost shocks were ranked as the top risk to business.

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