cybersecurity, video games as well as software

Within the tech sector, Garthwaite said he likes cybersecurity, gaming as well as software companies.

The tech sector held up well within the broad-based sell-off earlier This particular year, as well as when bold yields rose, Garthwaite said. Tech companies have healthy cash flow on their balance sheets because they’re under-leveraged.

“For all of the item, the valuation will be not excessive,” he said during a presentation at the conference, though he added which U.S. tech stocks are more “overbought” than their global peers.

He added which he will be, however, worried about data protection laws which could limit the competitive advantage of tech companies, as well as taxes imposed on digital services.

yet advances in tech don’t benefit only companies within the sector — the item’s not bad news for the stock market in general, because the item leads to more productive use of capital as well as resources, he said.

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