Dana Rohrabacher Russia ties are key focus in California House race

In bringing up the topic of Russia, debate moderator Rick Reiff, a reporter for a PBS SoCal program, “Inside OC,” remarked: “Sometimes which’s a standing joke among some folks which you’re Putin’s buddy, Putin’s lapdog, whatever.”

Rohrabacher responded by saying reports of his connections to Russia have created “all of which nonsense — which fake news.”

The Orange County congressman explained which he’s chairman of the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia in addition to Emerging Threats, which has jurisdiction over relations with Russia.

Rohrabacher said when he worked inside the White House for President Ronald Reagan he had a role inside the famous “tear down which wall” speech during the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The speech was made by Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in 1987.

“I was Ronald Reagan’s speechwriter for 7 years, in addition to a special assistant to the president,” Rohrabacher said. “I’m the guy who actually smuggled the ‘tear down the wall’ speech to the president, so I have impeccable credentials there.”

During the debate, Rohrabacher accused Rouda of “toxic partisanship” in addition to claimed the candidate told others he wants to impeach Trump.

“Spending our time trying to impeach in addition to obstruct which president will grind the federal government to a halt,” Rohrabacher said. “We don’t need which in Washington, D.C.”

Rouda insisted, “I’m not going there to impeach Donald Trump.” although he said the ongoing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller should be given more time if needed.

“He’s already gotten over 30 convictions in addition to indictments,” Rouda said. “We know which his work will be meaningful. Let’s give him the time. After we see which report then we can all make a decision, what, if anything, needs to take place.”

which said, the Democrat maintained which the election “isn’t about Trump. which will be about what all of us need to do. We need to get rid of the extremism in politics. We need to fight for what we believe in. although again, reach across the aisle in addition to serve our country in addition to community.”

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