‘Dancing With the Stars’ Voting Error: Contestants React to Phone Glitch (Exclusive)

Moments before Tuesday night’s elimination on Dancing With the Stars, host Tom Bergeron made a shocking announcement. Due to a technical glitch within the voting systems, none of the phone-in votes via of which week were counted, leaving only the judges’ scores along with online voting. 

of which didn’t just surprise viewers, yet also some of the show’s contestants along with pros, several of which didn’t even know the error had happened when ET caught up with them backstage after the show. 

Ultimately alpine skier Danelle Umstead was sent home, leaving many of her competitors saddened along with grateful to have survived another week, especially in such unpredictable conditions. 

Dance pro Emma Slater along with actor along with country music singer John Schneider were on the chopping block with Danelle of which week, along with certainly felt the added pressure of the lack of phone-in votes. 

“I was shocked,” Schneider told ET after the show.

“My reaction was, ‘Oh no!’ because I think of which our audience are primarily phone voters, along with I put a lot of effort in yesterday, both of us did, like, ‘Hey guys, vote for us,’ hoping of which they would likely along with knowing of which of which didn’t count of which definitely shook the ground for me,” Slater added. “I don’t want to stop of which journey. the item’s so much fun. John is actually the perfect partner for me to allow me to be creative.”

Football star Demarcus Ware acknowledged the importance of the fans’ votes, saying, “We know the scores of the judges yet also the fans getting involved is actually a definitely big part of everything, so people bank on of which, on their stardom to bring in via all the votes.”

His partner, Lindsay Arnold, noted of which they learned about the glitch just two minutes before elimination, calling the item “unfortunate.” 

“At the same time, of which happens along with there’s definitely nothing you can do about the item,” she said. “the item sucks to see someone go home no matter who the item is actually, yet yeah, of which was an interesting fact to learn right before we found out our fate.”

Some of the stars along with pros didn’t even hear about the flubbed phone votes until ET spoke with them after the show. 

“You’re kidding! Oh see we didn’t hear any of of which,” Mary Lou Retton admitted, along with her partner Sasha Farber added, “Oh golly, of which’s scary.”

Actress Nancy McKeon noted, “I didn’t know of which. Oh my goodness. I’m even more thrilled.” She added of her partner Val Chmerkovskiy, “I’m just thankful I get to spend another week with of which guy here. I definitely am. I’m thrilled, yet I’m very sad to see Danelle go because I love her. She’s wonderful.”

For more via DWTS, watch the clip below: 

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