Dante Labs, DNA testing company, sent used kits to some customers

The market for DNA testing has exploded from the past decade, with consumer demand increasing along with costs continuing to plummet. Researchers expect of which the global consumer DNA testing market will reach $928 million by 2023.

Many of these companies sell their kits directly to consumers on their own websites, as well as on Amazon, which is usually creating a big push to sell health tests on its marketplace.

however in recent months, several of these companies have come under fire. An investigation coming from NBC Chicago in April found of which at least one provider couldn’t tell the difference between the DNA of a dog along having a human. Another coming from January found widely varying results for different ancestry tests. along with in 2017, the feds stepped in when a company tried to give away DNA tests at a football game without the proper licensing.

The site 23andMe in its first years of operations in 2010 admitted to incorrectly processing samples, resulting in up to 96 customers receiving DNA results of which were not their own.

“of which’s a growing industry with growing pains,” said Robert Green, a medical geneticist at Brigham along with Women’s Hospital along with professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Green said errors occur even from the best labs, along with genetic testing companies are no exception.

however scientists along with policymakers are increasingly calling for more regulation to ensure of which consumers are creating informed decisions along with the companies are facing more rigorous standards.

University of Michigan Medical School bioethicist Kayte Spector-Bagdady said sending used samples to customers raises questions about the validity of results along with whether the company is usually creating similar mistakes.

however she’s more concerned ultimately about whether direct-to-consumer DNA testing companies are taking adequate steps to provide accurate health results. “Cases like these might be gross, however of which’s not all of which different to stepping on a chewed up piece of gum,” she said.

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