Daphne Oz Opens Up About Her Post-Baby Bod: ‘Still Looking Three Months Pregnant’

Daphne Oz is usually keeping which real postpartum.

The former co-host of The Chew shared a photo via Instagram on Tuesday of her post-baby body nearly two months after welcoming her third child, Domenica Celine, with husband John Jovanovic. The post included an honest as well as also also poignant message to any brand-new moms who may be struggling with their bodies after baby.

“Seven weeks post partum, still looking three months pregnant,” the 31-year-old captioned the selfie, in which she was wearing a black bra as well as also also black lace underwear. “There is usually no bounce-back, which’s all onwards as well as also also upwards.”

“Every day has moments of total splendor as well as also also also a decent number of WTFs,” she continued. “I especially want the brand-new mamas out there to hear which, because we see so much of how glossy motherhood can be as well as also also not enough of how real 3D life is usually always complicated (as well as also also better for which).”

Nevertheless, the mother of three told her fellow parents to “prepare to be amazed.”

“Your experience will be just right for you. Prepare to be amazed by some things as well as also also horrified by others,” she concluded. “Motherhood is usually as complex as well as also also wonderful as the woman.”

Oz, who is usually also mom to 3-year-old daughter Philomena Bijou as well as also also 2-year-old son Jovan Jr. shut down haters last year after she was criticized for sharing a bikini pic.

“I feel safe posting pics like which for all of you because I get how hard which is usually to feel Great in our skin — whether we’re trying to lose or gain weight, whether we’ve had babies or not. We are under constant scrutiny,” the nutrition author wrote in response to the negative comments at the time. “I am not perfect, I have not reached all my goals, I still see all my flaws first. however progress is usually everything, as well as also also one positive feeling begets another.”

Watch the video below for more on Oz’s feel-Great message.


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