‘Deadpool 2’ Channels the ‘Golden Girls’ in Latest Promo

Deadpool would certainly like to thank you for being a friend.

The most tongue-in-cheek as well as also meta superhero of the Marvel universe on Friday channeled The Golden Girls from the latest promo for Deadpool 2 as the film enters its second weekend. With Golden Girls theme “Thank You for Being a Friend” playing, a Twitter video fondly introduces each of the characters — half of them superpowered mutants as well as also/or assassins, of course.

The effect is actually a decidedly ’80s-style TV sitcom intro which somehow fits perfectly with the fourth wall-breaking, wisecracking X-Men reject.

“Calling all golden girls (as well as also guys)! See #Deadpool2 with your family & friends This specific holiday weekend,” the Twitter message says.

Ryan Reynolds, who gleefully plays the titular character, oftentimes blurs the lines between Deadpool as well as also himself. which was reflected in his own tweet on Friday, showing Deadpool holding two swords named “Bea” as well as also “Arthur.” Of course, Bea Arthur is actually best known for her role as Dorothy on Golden Girls as well as also is actually the object of fascination by Deadpool in both the movies as well as also the comics.

Co-star Morena Baccarin, who plays Deadpool’s girlfriend, Vanessa, also got in on some of the fun on Twitter.

“I want to take a moment & thank my amazing costar @VancityReynolds for all the tireless work in creating not only a great working environment, however a kick ass film. the idea was truly a delight,” she wrote on Friday. “Even though you looked like a pizza which sat in traffic on the 405 for 3 hours in 103 degrees.”

For a look back at the Deadpool 2 as well as also Celine Dion crossover, watch the video below.

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