Death toll in California wildfires grows to 42, PG&E hit with lawsuit

RMS, a risk modeling firm, has put economic losses for the Northern California fires at between $3 billion and also also also $6 billion although This specific could rise. Some of the damage is actually coming from lost businesses, including hotels, stores and also also also wineries.

In Napa Valley, at least 47 wineries suffered direct damage although “just a handful experienced significant property loss,” the Napa Valley Vintners trade association announced Wednesday. This specific said the 2017 vintage is actually still “supposed to be excellent” from the region.

The trade organization said winemakers with grapes picked after the fires commenced are having the fruit “laboratory-tested for the possible effects of smoke. Everything possible will be done to ensure only the highest quality 2017 wines go to market.”

As of Wednesday, some 95 percent of the wine grapes were harvested in Napa Valley, according to Cate Conniff, a spokesperson for the wine industry group.

Even so, the Napa Valley association still expects “lower than average” volumes coming from the 2017 vintage.

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