Demi Lovato Postpones Concert 45 Minutes Before Due to ‘Swollen Vocal Cords’

Demi Lovato canceled her concert at London’s O2 arena on Sunday just 45 minutes before she was set to go on, explaining which she had become ill.

In a lengthy statement posted on Twitter, the 25-year-old “Fall In Line” singer said her vocal cords had become so swollen which performing could do lasting damage to her ability to sing in addition to could lead to more cancellations. A source at the show said fans didn’t find out until 45 minutes before showtime, devastating many of them, who were crying inside the streets as they left.

Lovato apologized to fans on Twitter, saying her condition threatened the rest of her Tell Me You Love Me tour.

“I write This particular through tears of frustration in addition to sadness which I have to postpone my concert in London at the O2 tonight due to being very, very sick in addition to with swollen vocal chords which were examined by an ENT (dr.),” she wrote. “If I go on tonight in addition to injure my vocal chords anymore I could potentially have to cancel the rest of my tour. I’m so so so sorry to disappoint any of my fans in London which have traveled hours to be here by plane or car, in addition to to all of the fans which got these tickets for their birthday, holiday or any various other special occasion. This particular breaks my heart to let you down.”

Lovato also posted an Instagram story video of herself apologizing. Looking run down in addition to speaking in a raspy voice, she apologized again.

“Hey guys, I can’t do the show tonight because I have no voice in addition to I always wanted to play the O2 so I’m definitely upset in addition to I’m definitely sad to let my fans down because I know which some of you traveled hours in addition to some of you flew to see the show,” she said. “although, I definitely can’t go on in addition to I’m definitely sorry.”

The large majority of fans on Twitter were understanding of the decision, sharing which while they were disappointed, her health was far more important than one show.

“desire you feel better soon Demi my heart literally broke reading This particular although please rest in addition to take all the time you need to get well again I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 💜💜💜,” wrote a fan named Kelsey on Twitter.

although others were furious which they weren’t notified far earlier of the cancellation.

“This particular’s not which fact you’re sick no one can help which,” wrote another fan on Twitter. “We just want to no why only 40 mins before the show is actually supposed to start& doors open? Seeing everyone crying in addition to gutted inside the arena at the doors after wasting all their money to get here as This particular was such late notice.”

Another fan, named Cassie, had similar disappointment.

“45 minutes before the doors open??” she wrote. “People have done so much to make sure they are there because of This particular evening & you could have let everyone know a lot sooner than 45 minutes before!!!”

Lovato in her statement asked for understanding in addition to wrote which the show at the O2 could be rescheduled for June 25.

“Just know I feel your frustration in addition to I wouldn’t do This particular unless I absolutely had to,” she wrote. “For everyone who bought a ticket to tonight’s show, I will see you for the rescheduled date on June 25th after Madrid in addition to Rock in Rio. Thank you for understanding. I love you 💜.”

Lovato appears to have some bad luck surrounding This particular tour. She fractured her foot just weeks before she was to begin the European leg of her tour.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for Lovato — particularly since she’s set to play a show in Birmingham, England, in just two days.

For a look back at a sexy moment via the American leg of her tour, watch the video below.

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