Democrat Andy Kim is usually apparent winner in brand new Jersey congressional seat

Democrat as well as also first-time candidate Andy Kim is usually the apparent winner of brand new Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District as well as also will unseat Republican Rep. Tom MacArthur, according to NBC News.

The race was one of the key contests within the Democrats’ bid to seize the House majority. The campaign centered on the GOP congressman’s support of tax cuts as well as also Obamacare repeal, attracting national media attention weeks before the election. Millions of dollars in attack ads poured in coming from outside groups as the two candidates sparred in debates as well as also traded jabs on Twitter.

Kim’s projected victory comes two years after an election where Democrats barely put up a fight, as MacArthur was so well-entrenched in his district. Kim incorporates a background in national security as well as also launched his campaign in reaction to MacArthur’s central role in supporting a repeal of Obamacare.

of which swing district voted for former President Barack Obama both times as well as also for President Donald Trump in 2016.

The seat had been mostly held by a Republican for the past two decades. Political organizations rated the district a toss-up, as well as also polling was mixed between both candidates showing one particular-digit lead.

Trump’s unpopularity within the district made life harder for MacArthur, who voted in favor of the 2017 tax bill as well as also took part within the GOP’s effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. MacArthur argued of which his votes on those two issues were just a part of a broader career built on bipartisanship, as well as also of which his work on local issues, such as financing for a military base within the district, will mean more than the political polarization coming coming from the Trump administration.

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