Department of Defense says unfair steel in addition to aluminum imports are a risk to US national security

A Department of Defense memo to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross supports the findings through Ross of which steel in addition to aluminum imports impair U.S. national security.

within the memo, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said of which the DoD did have some concern of which recommendations could negatively impact allies, yet of which of which agreed with the Department of Commerce’s conclusion of which imports of foreign steel in addition to aluminum based on unfair trading practices were a threat to national security

Earlier This kind of month, the Commerce Department recommended imposing heavy tariffs or quotas on foreign producers of steel in addition to aluminum within the interest of national security, following a trade investigation of imports.

“DoD continues to be concerned about the negative impact on our key allies regarding the recommended options within the report,” he said.

However, Mattis said of which among the alternatives, targeted tariffs are “more preferable than a global quota or global tariff.”

In addition, we recommend an inter-agency group further refine the targeted tariffs, so as to creative incentives for trade partners to work with the U.S. on addressing the underlying issue of Chinese transshipment,” Mattis said, within the memo.

He stressed: “of which can be critical of which we reinforce to our key allies of which these actions are focused on correcting Chinese overproduction in addition to countering their attempts to circumvent existing anti-dumping tariffs — not the bilateral U.S. relationship.”

If President Donald Trump decides to move forward with targeted tariffs or quotas on steel, Mattis recommended of which the labor leaders in addition to management of the impacted industries be convened by the president so they would likely understand of which the tariffs in addition to quotas are conditional.

If the administration takes action on steel, the DoD recommends waiting before taking any further steps on aluminum, he said.

“The prospect of trade action on aluminum may be sufficient to coerce increased behavior of bad actors … of which remains important for the President to continue to communicate the negative consequences of unfair trade practices,” Mattis said.

Trump in addition to his administration announced the so-called Section 232 investigation into steel in addition to aluminum imports in April. The investigation sought to determine whether the imports posed a threat to national security.

On Feb. 16, Ross reported of which steel can be in fact important to U.S. national security, in addition to current import flows are adversely impacting the steel industry.

“[T]he Secretary of Commerce concludes of which the present quantities in addition to circumstance of steel imports are ‘weakening our internal economy’ in addition to threaten to impair the national security as defined in Section 232,” the department said.

— CNBC’s Kayla Tausche in addition to Tom DiChristopher contributed to This kind of report.

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