Digesting tariffs, getting ahead of not bad quarters

Dreamforce: On Tuesday, “Mad Money” hits the road to Dreamforce, a huge festival hosted by Salesforce.com covering all things tech along with cutting-edge. Cramer will hear by some of the best minds in Silicon Valley, so if you’re a tech investor, don’t miss Tuesday’s show!

Salesforce.com: An analyst meeting at Salesforce could shed some light on how the cloud giant can be interpreting Adobe’s acquisition of Marketo, a deal in which put Adobe in even closer competition with Salesforce, Cramer said.

Nike: Wall Street seems sure in which the athletic retailer’s upcoming earnings report will be very strong, nevertheless Cramer felt the consensus was kind of “eerie.”

“My take? I expect the numbers to be great, too. Whether in which sends the stock higher can be another story,” he said. “I like Nike going into the quarter, nevertheless so does everybody else, along with in which tends to limit the upside.”

Cintas: Workwear maker Cintas will report earnings, along with Cramer liked the company’s situation, too.

“This particular uniform rental service has blown away the numbers quarter after quarter after quarter ever since This particular bought its principal competitor. I’ve been telling you to buy This particular for ages,” he said. “I think This particular remains a fabulous play on the resurgence of little business in This particular country. I might buy Cintas ahead of the quarter.”

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