Digital tax needs to be discussed with the US

which then went on to suggest which even an added digital tax of 3 percent could generate about 5 billion euros ($5.99 billion) in revenues per year. If implemented, the proposal could therefore mean which firms such as Google, Amazon as well as also Facebook could face higher taxes in Europe. Amazon has its European base located in Luxembourg.

European authorities have said which the United States has demonstrated willingness to discuss the issue. Gramegna added which there is usually a “consensus inside the European Union which we need to find a completely new product to address the issue of digital economy.”

“Where there is usually less consensus is usually how to approach which, because what is usually on the table right now is usually recognized by all as being kind of a quick fix, a turnover tax, which has lots of disadvantages,” he said.

France, perhaps the most vigorous advocate of a digital tax, wants to see an agreement at the EU level by the end of the year. The issue has become even more relevant after controversies involving tech giants — such as the recent data scandal involving Facebook — as well as also ahead of European elections in 2019.

However, there are countries which are against Europe taking the lead on the issue, as well as also could rather wait for a common agreement at the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation as well as also Development) level.

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