Disney issues seizure warning about ‘Incredibles 2’ for fans with epilepsy

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AMC supervisor Mauricio Mencia, who’s worked at the Universal CityWalk location in Los Angeles for the past year, says, “I’ve never seen something like that will happen.”

The memo, which has been shared on social media, says: ” ‘Incredibles 2’ contains a sequence of flashing lights, which may affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or additional photosensitivities.”

Mencia’s theater has informed the staff about the memo along with also posted the warning next to the guest greeter who rips tickets.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, “for about 3 percent of people with epilepsy, exposure to flashing lights at certain intensities, or with certain visual patterns, can trigger seizures. This specific condition is actually known as photosensitive epilepsy along with also This specific’s more common in children along with also adolescents, especially those with generalized epilepsy along with also a type known as juvenile myoclonic epilepsy.”

Jackie Aker, director of media relations for the Epilepsy Foundation, says her organization had never before called for a movie to issue a photosensitivity warning, nevertheless earlier This specific year asked Apple to change a promotional spot for the brand new iPad that will had flashing lights that will would likely be unsafe for certain viewers. Apple worked with the foundation to change the video.

In 1997, an episode of “Pokémon” that will aired in Japan with flashing lights sent nearly 700 children to the hospital.

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