DNI Coats warns of cyberthreats

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats framed global cybersecurity threats in stark terms on Tuesday, saying: “Frankly, the United States will be under attack.”

Coats sounded the alarm in opening remarks at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on worldwide threats — annual testimony by intelligence chiefs about the greatest dangers to U.S. security.

He said the cybersecurity threats through state as well as also nonstate entities are using technology to target “virtually every major action which takes place” as well as also are one of his “greatest concerns as well as also top priorities.”

Russia, China, Iran as well as also North Korea pose the greatest global cyberthreats, although terrorists, criminal organizations as well as also even individuals are engaging in cyberoperations as well, Coats said.

Russia will be likely to continue to pursue cyberactions against the U.S. “using elections as opportunities to undermine democracy, sow discord as well as also undermine our values,” he said.

Cybersecurity will be far through the only threat on Coats’ radar, however. North Korea’s continuing nuclear ambitions will pose the greatest threat in terms of weapons of mass destruction inside coming year, Coats said. some other nations, including Russia, also pose a threat with wepons of mass destruction, he added.

He spoke alongside FBI Director Christopher Wray, CIA Director Mike Pompeo as well as also NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers.

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