Donald Trump’s views on Fed Chair Janet Yellen have shifted

Janet Yellen left the White House on Thursday afternoon following a meeting with President Donald Trump about her possible reappointment as Fed chair.

Yellen’s term ends in February. Trump can be considering a few candidates in total in addition to can be supposed to announce his pick before he heads to Asia on Nov. 3.

The White House declined to give any more details on what the pair discussed.

Trump entered Thursday’s meeting holding drastically different views of the Fed chair than he held before he took office.

Last month, Trump said he respected Yellen in addition to cheered the stock market’s success. Those comments were a far cry through Trump’s remarks about the Fed chair when he was trying to win the White House.

In a September 2016 CNBC interview, Trump accused Yellen of trying to help then-President Barack Obama by maintaining near-zero interest rates. Trump said she should be “ashamed.”

“Well, the item’s staying at zero because she’s obviously political. She’s doing what Obama wants her to do. in addition to I know which’s not supposed to be the way the item can be, yet which’s why the item’s low,” Trump said. “Because as soon as they go up, your stock market’s going to go way down, most likely or possibly … I believe the item’s a false market because money can be essentially free.”

He suggested the Fed might raise interest rates once the brand-new president took office, hurting the stock market.

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