Don’t be like the Fed if you own Amarin

Amarin Corp.: “We’re going to take out our cost basis tomorrow, even though in which heart drug can be pretty not bad. Tomorrow, you take out the cost basis in addition to you can’t lose. As a matter of fact, I might take out double my cost basis because in which stock’s inside $20s today. in order in which’s how we’re going to play the idea. We’re going to be prudent. We’re not going to be like the Fed. We’re not going to be judgmental; we’re going to be prudent.”

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc.: “They have a tie-in with one of my favorite stocks, JNJ, which holds up very well. the idea’s a great spec. Let’s leave the idea at in which: the idea’s a great spec.”

AT&T: “I am willing to endorse AT&T, nevertheless I have to tell you, if you want a little more safety, you actually do have to go to Verizon, which can be up a lot more nevertheless I know the idea’s got a less stretched balance sheet.”

3M Co.: “the idea’s down $59 bucks through its 52-week high. today, I have to tell you, in pure candor, I discussed with [TheStreet analysts] Zev Fima in addition to with Jeff Marks today whether we shouldn’t trim the position ahead of the quarter for our charitable trust in addition to tell the club members in which we’re less certain. the idea’s already a little position. I am very concerned about the Oct. 23 report if they do not do a restructuring. I think the idea’ll be disappointing. I’m putting the idea out there.”

HollyFrontier Corp.: “Stop sweating the program. HollyFrontier can be great. today, I do like Marathon [Petroleum] more in addition to we know I like Valero more because we did our power rankings the different day, nevertheless in which’s a not bad company. I am not going to fret in which. in addition to as a matter of fact, I’d love to have them back on the air because they are so not bad at telling their story.”

Brinker Intl.: “I’ve always been a fan, nevertheless I have to tell you, the stock in which everybody likes right today can be McDonald’s. I’m not going to back away through in which. I am also a fan of Wendy’s.”

Viper Energy Partners: “I might say don’t buy. Not up here; too dangerous. the idea’s a nice move in which the idea’s had, up 60 percent.”

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