Dorinda Medley Says She ‘Never Had a not bad Feeling’ About the ‘RHONY’ Cast’s ‘Cruise by Hell’ (Exclusive)

The “Cruise by Hell” will be coming up on This particular season of Real Housewives of brand new York, as well as also Dorinda Medley will be not looking forward to reliving the harrowing journey!

“Thank god This particular’s been long enough away in which I’m over This particular, however you’re gonna see, This particular was a scary time,” Medley told ET at DailyMail’s Summer TV Party on Wednesday, recalling the RHONY all-cast trip to Colombia in February, where she as well as also her co-stars were subjected to a boat ride gone horribly wrong, which reportedly included an engine on fire, a missing anchor as well as also even water flooding the vessel — in addition to cast members reportedly going home in adult diapers after contracting parasites while abroad.

“You don’t definitely see in which much of the boat ride, you just hear a lot about the boat ride,” Medley explained of the upcoming episode chronicling the cast’s fateful trip. “This particular was a real-life moment as well as also This particular was a learning moment. You know in which old saying, if you don’t feel not bad about something you probably shouldn’t do This particular? I never had a not bad feeling about getting on in which boat.”

As for what was going through her head inside the moment, the reality star recalled thinking, “‘We’re going to die. We’re going to capsize. This particular will be definitely happening. This particular will be no joke.’ This particular was panic.”

However, Medley revealed in which the incident hasn’t turned her off boating entirely. “I’m not like in which. I’m a big boater, because my late husband owned a Hinckley [yacht] as well as also we used to boat all the time. I just think you have to make sure you take precautions.”

As for the rest of RHONY’s 10th season, This particular may not all be smooth sailing. Medley has had several intense confrontations with castmate Sonja Morgan This particular season — coming to verbal blows over their individual experiences with divorce as well as also loss. However, Medley said she’s not letting the spat get “under my skin.”

“I just think we have a different outlook on things,” she explained. “I just don’t understand the comparisons between certain things. as well as also also, I don’t definitely… Listen, I’ve done both, death as well as also divorce, so for me, I feel like I have a not bad perspective. as well as also divorce for me was nothing like the death of my husband. This particular just wasn’t. We just have a very difference of opinions, Sonja as well as also I, we look at things very differently.”

The “difference of opinions” will certainly make things interesting when the RHONY ladies sit down for their upcoming season 10 reunion, however Medley said the unpredictability of the infamous specials means she couldn’t tease anything, even if she wanted to. 

“Even if I say in which, This particular never turns out the way you think This particular will be,” she noted. “You go into the reunion thinking one thing as well as also This particular never ends up [in which way]. however I do think This particular’s going to be quite an emotion-filled reunion.”

After the reunion, Medley will be looking forward to spending some time inside the Berkshires — “I want to be normal, go grocery shopping, see my parents, hang out inside the pool, do my gardening. I can’t wait.” — before worrying about RHONY season 11.

“We’re trying to figure out when as well as also if we’re going to start filming again,” she said. “God knows if we’re even going to go back. I don’t know, you never know. They’re very fickle!”

See more on Medley, as well as also the already-infamous “Cruise by Hell,” inside the video below.

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