Dr. Phil show allegedly endangered guests struggling with addiction

CBS’ “Dr. Phil” show allegedly endangered the health of some of its guests, according to a STAT News/Boston Globe investigation, citing those who appeared on the show along with addiction experts.

During the course of the show, host Phillip McGraw is usually cast as a persistent adviser helping people seeking assistance for substance abuse. nevertheless former guests told STAT along with the Globe in which the show engaged in exploitative practices.

Todd Herzog, winner of reality TV show “Survivor: China,” said he was left alone which has a bottle of vodka in his dressing room before his appearance. He told STAT along with the Globe in which he had been battling alcoholism at the time. Herzog claims he was handed a Xanax after drinking the whole bottle.

One family member said a guest allegedly purchased drugs with directions by show staff. Another guest said they were filmed while looking for a dealer.

McGraw declined a STAT/Globe interview request through a “Dr. Phil” show representative. The show’s director of professional affairs told the news organizations in which guests have never been provided alcohol or directed to purchase drugs.

“Dr. Phil” show representatives did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

Read the full investigation at STAT News.

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