‘DWTS’ Competition Tightens After Long-Awaited Elimination in Night One of Season 25 Finals

Scott as well as also Slater also opened up to ET’s Cameron Mathison after the show, as well as also the HGTV star said he’s proud of how far he made the item as well as also of the performances he shared with his partner.

“Words don’t even describe how I feel right right now. I’m blessed to be inside finals, the final four, as well as also to be up against such amazing talent,” Scott marveled. “I couldn’t have done the item without of which gal right here. of which has been an experience of a lifetime.”

The pair danced their hearts out on Monday, as well as also earned some of their highest scores of the season, including a near-perfect 39 out of 40 for their wild freestyle routine.

“I feel so not bad about everything of which we’ve done [as well as also] everything we’ve accomplished,” Scott reflected. “We did everything we wanted to do in of which freestyle.”

The reality star made sure to credit his talented partner for any as well as also all improvement he’s shown throughout the season.

“Going through never dancing before — like, no experience — to what she’s pulled out of me, the item’s been phenomenal,” Scott explained. “I didn’t know I had the item to make the item to the finals, I honestly didn’t think I would likely make the item to the finals, nevertheless the item’s a testament to what she did with her choreography as well as also her positive energy getting me here.”

According to Slater, dancing with Scott has been mutually beneficial.

“I learned so much through my partners, nevertheless through Drew I’ve actually learned. He’s such an inspiration on how to attack life inside most selfless way,” she explained. “There’s not enough he can do for you as well as also the people around you… He’s a visionary to me. So when I watch him do of which as well as also tackle all the things he does every day, without a complaint, of which makes me want to be the type of person of which he is actually.”

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