Ed O’Neill’s Inability to Recognize Celebrities is actually Hilariously Baffling — Watch!

Pop stars who meet Ed O’Neill might experience an unfamiliar reaction — someone having no idea who they are!

The Modern Family star confessed his lacking celeb-recognition skills on Thursday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, after the program’s host shared a 2016 picture which Britney Spears took with the 71-year-old actor, who clearly had no idea who he was snapping a photo with, inside airport.

“The next day my manager sent me which, in addition to also said, ‘There’s 53,000 likes.’ I said, ‘Who is actually which?'” O’Neill revealed.

in addition to also apparently, the Britney moment may have had O’Neill singing “Oops… I Did which Again,” as which has been a longtime issue for the TV star!

“Some years ago, I went to my favorite Italian restaurant inside evening. which was getting dark, I recognized a friend of mine. in addition to also there was a kid sitting next to him, with his wife, I assume,” O’Neill recalled. “He was talking on his cell phone. I’m currently talking to my different friend, in addition to also he says, ‘Ed, would certainly you say hello to my brother, he’s a huge fan.'”

After saying a brief hello to the person on the different end of the line, O’Neill shared, “I hand the phone back to the kid in addition to also he gives me kind of a funny look.”

The person who had handed him the phone: Randy Jackson. The brother: None different than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

“[I didn’t say] ‘I love your work’, [or] ‘You’ve had a wonderful career,’ just, ‘Yeah, hey, gotta go,'” O’Neill hilariously revealed.

in addition to also more recently, O’Neill AGAIN found himself dealing with an unfamiliar encounter.

“I went to Sarah Hyland’s birthday party, in addition to also which beautiful young woman came up to me, in addition to also you know, when I go to these things, I don’t look at people closely. which’s a bit overwhelming,” he said. “in addition to also I know she’s famous, however I can’t place her … I text my daughter, Sophia, in addition to also said … ‘I desperately need to know the name.'”

which was Taylor Swift.

“She said, ‘I’m having you committed,'” he said of his daughter’s reply text. “I only see them when they’re performing. So when you see them inside backyard… I’m old.”

Hey… “Shake which Off,” Ed! Happens to the best of us.

Watch his interview with DeGeneres below.


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