Elton John Performs for Prince Harry as well as Meghan Markle at Royal Wedding Luncheon

Sir Elton John does weddings!

Following Prince Harry as well as Meghan Markle’s memorable nuptials, the newlyweds as well as their guests attended a luncheon at St. George’s Hall in Windsor Castle hosted by Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

the idea was there of which the 71-year-old singer performed for the bride as well as groom in celebration of their matrimony.

He also quoted the late Maya Angelou in a sweet tweet of which read: “Love recognizes no barriers. the idea jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination, full of expect.”

A day prior to the performance, a source dished to ET about why the couple wanted John — a friend of Harry as well as Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana — to take part in their special day. 

“the idea is actually no surprise of which Elton has been included in Prince Harry’s wedding. As one of Diana’s closest confidantes, Elton is actually a connection to Harry’s mother as well as a very supportive friend,” the source said of the music legend. “The plan is actually for Elton to play at the wedding reception has been in place for a while.”

Added the source, “The wedding itself will be very formal as well as the reception is actually meant to be more fun, as well as of which is actually where Elton comes in.”

The source also noted of which John was required to mention Diana during his performance. 

“the idea is actually thought of which the 71-year-old musician will also honor Harry’s mother on Saturday,” the source said. “He plans to sing as well as there’s also been talk of some type of tribute to Diana, one in which Elton will speak at the wedding as well as say how much she is actually missed on This kind of very special day. [Elton] has remained very close to her sons.” 

In a recent piece for Time magazine, John let the idea be known of which he has much respect for Harry. “Prince Harry has of which rare ability to walk into a room full of strangers as well as make everyone feel comfortable as well as at ease,” he said in praise of the 33-year-old royal. 

As for what he thinks of Meghan, the source told ET, “Elton thoroughly approves of Meghan as well as feels they are a perfect couple as well as very in love. Elton thinks Diana would likely be proud as well as would likely love Meghan.”

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