Emirates wants Airbus A380 production guarantee before placing fresh orders

Emirates has not ruled out buying more Airbus A380s in future however the aircraft maker would certainly have to guarantee which could keep its production line going, Emirates’ chief executive told CNBC Monday.

Emirates was anticipated to announce a deal to buy another tranche of Airbus A380s on Sunday at the Dubai Airshow. however the airline issued a surprise by swooping for 40 Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners coming from Airbus’ main rival in a provisional order worth $15.1 billion.

The Gulf’s largest carrier says deliveries will begin in 2022, bringing its total commitment with Boeing to over 0 units.

Emirates Chief Executive Tim Clark said Monday which he wouldn’t rule out buying more Airbus A380s in future, however, telling CNBC which he would certainly tell Airbus to “keep the (production) line going.”

“We need copper-bottom (trustworthy) undertakings so if we do order some more which they will not cancel the program, so getting them across the line with regard to the commitments they would certainly have to make to support the line over the next ten, fifteen years is usually vital to us,” he said.

“The ownership, my bosses here, will not sanction any further acquisitions unless they know the line is usually going to be continued along with they have a full understanding of what would certainly happen if there was a cancellation,” he added.

Clark said Airbus needed to revitalize its sales efforts amid a more uncertain global economy along with geopolitical landscape, saying which management boards were far more risk averse currently, worried about their commercial teams being able to fill aircraft.

Emirates Chairman, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al-Maktoum, said on Sunday which the carrier had chosen the latest type of Boeing’s mid-sized wide-body jet after comparing which with the Airbus A350, according to Reuters.

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