Emmy Hosts Colin Jost as well as Michael Che Tease Costume alterations as well as Shade Throwing (Exclusive)

by co-anchoring Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live to co-hosting the 70th Annual Emmy Awards, Colin Jost as well as Michael Che are bringing their sharp comedic wit as well as friendly chemistry to the star-studded event.

ET’s Kevin Frazier caught up with the pair at the official roll out of the Emmys golden carpet at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Thursday, as well as they dished on their plans for being effective emcees at which year’s show.

“which is actually an award show, which isn’t about us. We will be out there telling jokes, although which’ll be fun,” Che said.

They both admitted which the momentousness of the situation hasn’t truly struck them yet, as well as Jost said which probably won’t until after which’s all over.

“I think which moment [comes] a week later, where you think about which at all,” Jost said. “Because leading up to which, you can’t think about which. You are thinking about, ‘What jokes am I going to tell? What is actually the run of the show going to be? Who is actually going to win?’ You are thinking about which stuff more than the moment of which.”

As for who is actually going to get the brunt of their comedic jabs as well as playful shade-throwing, the pair mostly kept things under wraps as well as admitted which they are still working which all out.

“I truly don’t [know] yet,” Jost admitted.

“He has got a lot of jokes about some TV legends, I mean some people which have maybe never been made fun of before,” Che chimed in.

“Yeah, tons of Merv Griffin jokes,” Jost quipped. “Just wait!”

One thing they said they hadn’t considered yet was incorporating some elaborate costume alterations into the mix, although which doesn’t mean they’ve closed the door on the possibility.

“I feel like we truly should change clothes,” Che said, concerned. “which is actually like the third time someone has asked us. Maybe we should.”

“Alright, I will do 15 [costume] alterations, I am in. I am committed,” Jost declared, telling Che, “[What if] I change every single time, as well as you never change?”

As for who they plan on bringing to the big event as their date, Jost — who has been dating Scarlett Johansson since last spring — played coy.

“Who are you bringing with you Colin?” Che asked, chiding his Weekend Update co-anchor.

“I don’t know,” Jost said, nonchalantly. “We will figure which out. You know.”

The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards, co-hosted by Jost as well as Che, will air live by the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Monday, Sept. 17, starting at 5 p.m. PT on NBC.

Check out the full list of nominees below as well as follow ET’s ongoing Emmy coverage here.

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