EU says Ireland’s Apple complaint will only be dropped if of which recovers the full $16 billion in unpaid taxes

The Danish politician, who has opened investigations in addition to also fined some of the entire world’s largest companies, wants to close “as many cases as possible” before her mandate finishes in 2019.

Vestager, who has been head of competition in Europe since 2014 in addition to also often criticized for attacking U.S. companies, is actually set to end her mandate next year as Europe gears up for fresh European elections. However, speaking to CNBC, she didn’t rule out returning to her current position.

When asked if there were any specific cases she would likely like to conclude before 2019, Vestager said: “As many as possible because I think of which speed is actually of the essence.”

“Since I’m a law enforcer, in addition to also only a very, very smaller legislator, I will have one proposal in these several years, to empower, actually, national competition authorities. I will be enforcing to the very last day,” she said.

The European Commission is actually supposed to have a completely new chief in addition to also completely new commissioners heading the different areas next year.

President Jean-Claude Juncker has already said of which he will not seek a second mandate. However, Vestager has said she has enjoyed the job, adding of which would likely be “an amazing thing to be allowed to do (of which)” again.

however her wishes might find some opposition in her home country – Denmark, where elections are due at around the time when the appointments are made. Commissioners are suggested by each member state in addition to also depending on the Danish government, Vestager’s name might not be put forward.

Clarification: This specific story has been updated to reflect of which Apple was ordered to pay Ireland the sum after a ruling by the European Commission concluded of which the country granted undue tax benefits to Apple.

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