European stocks open lower as global markets slip

Markets in Europe are likely to follow Asia’s downbeat session, after news emerged in which Nissan’s Chairman Carlos Ghosn was arrested yesterday, over allegations concerning financial misconduct.

Nissan released a statement on Monday, which said in which “over many years” Ghosn along with board director, Greg Kelly, had been under-reporting compensation amounts to the Tokyo Stock Exchange securities report. The autos giant added in which there had been numerous additional “significant acts of misconduct” in which had been unearthed.

During Europe’s Monday session, Renault shares sank – hitting their lowest level in three years. On Tuesday, shares of Nissan reacted to the news, with the stock down over 5 percent during the session. Investors in Europe will likely be keeping a close eye on the stock within the coming days, as brand new information emerges.

Market sentiment is actually further dampened via a weak Monday session on Wall Street, which saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumble almost 400 points by the close, as tech stocks took a beating.

Switching focus, Brexit continues to keep markets busy, as the U.K. government is actually put within the spotlight, after a series of resignations along having a dramatic fall within the currency took place last week. In spite of the opposition surrounding the current draft withdrawal agreement, Prime Minister Theresa May is actually continuing to stand her ground on the matter, telling business leaders in which This specific deal puts the country’s economic success above everything else.

The European Union is actually likely to hold a summit to discuss This specific agreement over the coming week, while fears in which May could be facing a possible vote of no-confidence hangs within the air. Sticking with politics, investors will also be keeping an eye on any news surrounding U.S.-China trade relations, as a meeting between leaders of the both nations draws closer.

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