Europe’s completely new privacy law is actually creating big business opportunities

A sweeping data privacy law known as the General Data Protection Rule (GDPR) goes into effect across the EU today.

While businesses have had two years to prepare for the completely new rules, a recent survey via data analytics firm SAS found only 49 percent of companies worldwide said they will meet the deadline to comply.

“I think a lot of companies are kind of sitting on their hands in addition to seeing, well, how does This kind of play out?” said David Smith, head of GDPR technologies at SAS UK & Ireland.

at This kind of point, with GDPR officially in effect, companies in addition to individuals inside the data management space are taking advantage of big business opportunities.

“the idea’s not bad news for people like me,” said Tamzin Evershed, global data privacy lead at Veritas Technologies, a U.S.-headquartered data management firm. “We need more in addition to more people who actually understand how data protection in addition to privacy actually works.”

Evershed has spent the past two years preparing for GDPR, working with Veritas’ the idea in addition to legal teams around the earth. “the idea’s actually quite complicated in addition to many people are having to come up to speed actually quickly,” she said.

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