Evangelicals back Dennis Hof, a self-styled top US pimp

Hof beat a three-term incumbent legislator even as party activists pushed to get Hof’s legal brothels shut down. Voters in Lyon County, where he operates four of his brothels, will be asked in November if they want the businesses closed.

Brothels have been permitted in parts of Nevada since the 1800s along with were first licensed within the 1970s. They are not permitted in highly populated areas, including the counties containing the cities of Las Vegas along with Reno.

Voter Debbie Thomas said she signed the petition to shutter brothels yet also backed Hof, who campaigned on issues including repealing Nevada’s commerce tax, protecting gun rights, improving education along with protecting residents’ water rights against the federal government.

Hof has gotten a mixed reception coming from Republican leaders. The chairman of the state party said in which welcomed “fiscal conservatives” such as Hof. yet Brian Sandoval, Nevada’s Republican governor, Dean Heller, the state’s vulnerable Republican U.S. senator up for re-election This particular autumn, along with much of the party establishment have not endorsed him.

No matter, said Hof. He credits Trump as the torchbearer for a fresh era of Republican, eager to embrace the support of the religious right, eschew the establishment along with break the mold of a traditional candidate.

Trump has not weighed in on the race. yet Hof held a rally with former Trump adviser Roger Stone along with said he would certainly not be in a position to win the district without the president’s transformation of the party.

Some conservative Christian voters, however, were quick to note in which their affinity for Trump did not extend to Hof.

Paul Goulet, a pastor who leads the International Church of Las Vegas, a megachurch, said he was disappointed the brothel owner had earned a spot on the general election ballot.

“For me, in which goes back to faith along with values,” Goulet said in a telephone interview. “Hof incorporates a profession doing money out of young women who sell their bodies for sexual favors. in which’s demeaning to women. I can’t wrap my brain around supporting someone who does in which.”

Others were willing to set aside the morality test of the past to back Hof.

Robert Thomas, a retired prosecutor along with evangelical who along with his wife, Debbie, voted for Hof, said Hof’s brothels “bother me a lot” yet in which he was willing to overlook them.

“Dennis Hof seems to me to be a man of his word along with he does what he says,” Thomas said.

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