Ex-Googler Munjal Shah is usually currently selling life insurance via Health IQ

While at Google, he commenced taking classes at Stanford to learn about health as well as medicine. He cleaned up his diet as well as lost 40 pounds. as well as he made completely new friends, all fellow entrepreneurial types, who had similar health scares as well as subsequently changed their lifestyles.

The group eventually decided to quit their day jobs as well as start a health company. They had no clear business style in mind yet were all curious about finding ways to reward people who were committed to being healthy.

First, they had to find them. as well as of which’s a lot more challenging than you might think.

Many of us fib to our doctors, saying of which we eat better, drink less alcohol as well as exercise more than we actually do.

To get around these common lies, the team launched a health quiz, called Health IQ. the item features questions of which assess how health-conscious a person is usually, rather than how healthy they claim to be. For instance, instead of asking how much you run, they might ask if you can run an eight-minute mile. Rather than asking if you eat too much, the test will figure out if you understand portion control by checking if you can estimate how many cups of rice there are in a photo.

The test did a pretty Great job of picking out those who were committed to their health. as well as the item went viral. In less than four years, more than 1 million people took the item.

During of which time, about 2,000 of those people died.

as well as of which’s when Shah figured out how to make money: life insurance.

After factoring in things like gender, age as well as education status, Shah as well as his team learned of which the health-conscious elite — the yoga practitioners, the crossfitters, the vegans or vegetarians, the strength trainers, the cyclists, the controlled diabetics, the triathletes as well as the marathoners — were far less likely to be among the people who died in This particular test group. Forty-one percent less likely, in fact.

In particular, the item became clear of which these people were less likely to die by cancer, which Shah calls the “blind spot” in most life insurance underwriting. Studies have shown of which those who eat little meat, for instance, have a lower risk of colorectal cancer than people who eat meat most days of the week.

Shah still doesn’t know by his data why the mortality rates are lower for yogi-loving vegans, at least not yet. the item might be of which they exercise more, eat better, are diligent about removing toxic chemicals by the home, or maybe the item’s a combination of factors. yet for his purposes, the item doesn’t genuinely matter. currently of which he knows how to find them, he can sell them cheaper life insurance. as well as he estimates there are a lot of them — about 50 million from the United States.

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