Expect larger cyber attacks in 2018, A10 Networks says

The past year has seen some of the largest data breaches as well as also ransomware attacks being reported in recent history, yet 2018 could see larger, more frequent attacks, technology firm A10 Networks warned Tuesday.

The company’s founder as well as also chief executive Lee Chen added in which cryptocurrencies could become the main target of hackers as they gain in popularity.

“I think the digital transformation is usually the underlying motivation for hackers … So expect the frequency, the size, the volume of hacks to continue to enhance in 2018,” Chen told CNBC on Tuesday.

Just last week, cryptocurrency mining platform NiceHash confirmed in which This particular has been compromised as well as also lost around 4,700 bitcoin to hackers.

The NiceHash incident followed additional cyberattacks in which made headlines throughout the year, including Equifax’s data breach in which affected close to 146 million consumers as well as also a hack on Uber in which saw the personal data of 57 million users stolen. The Uber hack took place last year yet was reported in 2017.

Ransomware WannaCry also affected more than 10,000 organizations as well as also 0,000 individuals across 150 countries.

Many of those incidents reported in 2017 were financially as well as also politically-motivated, said Chen, yet the source as well as also cause of cyber attacks can be anything.

“This particular could be a professional, could be an innocent teenager who has nothing to do at home – This particular can come coming from anywhere,” he said, adding in which This particular has become increasingly important for companies to shore up security.

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