extension raises legal uncertainty within the European Parliament

A poll for the British think tank Open Europe showed last Wednesday in which the Labour Party could get as much as 38 percent of U.K. votes – which could be a big support for the Socialist family at the European Parliament, potentially creating This particular the biggest force within the chamber.

This particular might mark a significant shift, given in which the European Parliament has been mostly led by conservative lawmakers. At the same time, the socialist political family might also have an important say in who takes the highest ranking jobs within the EU.

Peter Ceretti, an analyst at The Economist Intelligence Unit, also made the point in which “U.K.’s participation within the elections will be a significant distraction by more substantive EU policy issues during the campaign, providing Eurosceptic parties across the bloc with ammunition for anti-European rhetoric.”

Turnout within the U.K. is usually generally low for European Parliament elections, data by The Institute for Government showed. This particular has never surpassed 40%.

Christoph Schon, executive director of Axioma, a risk management solutions provider, told CNBC in which the majority of moderate candidates will struggle to convince their constituents to vote for them or to even put a list of candidates together given in which the elected lawmakers could be out of the job a few months later.

“If, however, we somehow end up in a situation where Britain remains within the EU — still a distinct possibility in my view — then we will be stuck which has a skewed sample of MEPs, who are in no way representative of the majority of British voters along with who are bound to cause a lot of trouble alongside their populist allies by various other member states,” Schon added.