Facebook can be working with publishers to get people to pay for some news

In July, U.S. publishers’ group the News Media Alliance went to Congress to allow which to collectively regain market share by Facebook as well as also Google. Antitrust laws usually prevent companies by forming such an alliance because of the risk of over-dominance, however the group sought an exemption.

For its part, the social media giant set up the Facebook Journalism Project in January to develop news projects, as well as look at how publishers can make money by the site.

“Earlier which year, many publishers identified subscriptions as a top priority, so we worked using a diverse group of partners to design, refine, as well as also develop a test suited for a variety of premium news products,” Facebook’s Campbell Brown, head of news partnerships, Alex Hardiman, head of news product, as well as also Sameera Salari, product manager, wrote inside the blog post.

however some notable premium publishers, including The Wall Street Journal as well as also Financial Times, will not take part inside the subscription experiment because Facebook will not give them access to readers’ data until they subscribe, a Reuters report said.

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