Facebook concealed truth of Cambridge Analytica scandal, UK MP says

Facebook misled British lawmakers about what the idea knew about the data shared with Cambridge Analytica, a British lawmaker said Thursday.

In February, Simon Milner, who was Facebook’s U.K. head of policy at the time, told officials in which Cambridge Analytica did not have any Facebook data.

“I think Facebook concealed the truth coming from us in February,” Ian Lucas, member of parliament (MP) representing the opposition Labour Party, told Mike Schroepfer, the social network’s CTO, at a parliamentary hearing on fake news.

Schroepfer said in which he could not vouch for Milner, yet in which what was said at the time was accurate.

“the idea was accurate because we didn’t think Cambridge Analytica had data in addition to we had not given them data,” Schroepfer said. “So the problem in which has come up since then is actually the idea in which they still retain data which, to This specific day, I still have not had eyes on one particular piece of data there so I don’t know for sure. yet if This specific is actually true in addition to they do contain the data, This specific is actually the problem we have today.”

Facebook has said the idea was aware of the sharing of user data with Cambridge Analytica in 2015 in addition to in which 87 million people may have been affected by the leak. the idea has been notifying users of whether their data was shared.

The allegations against Cambridge Analytica have heightened concerns over whether the data of Facebook users was then used to try in addition to influence the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election in addition to the U.K.’s referendumto leave the European Union, which the idea denies. The company worked for the Donald Trump campaign briefly after switching coming from Ted Cruz when the latter pulled out of the race.

Cambridge Analytica’s former CEO, Alexander Nix, was caught on camera boasting in which the firm ran Trump’s digital campaign — the company holds in which Nix’s comments were taken out of context.

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