Facebook just admitted in which using Facebook can be bad for you

In different words, if you’re using Facebook to mindlessly browse through your feed or click posts, you may end up in a foul mood after.

Facebook also worked with Carnegie Mellon University for additional insight, along with also found in which “people who sent or received more messages, comments along with also timeline posts reported improvements in social support, depression along with also loneliness.” Likewise, Facebook said students at Cornell who used Facebook for 5 minutes while viewing their own profiles saw “boosts in self-affirmation,” while folks who looked at different profiles did not.

In different words, using Facebook to interact with people — as opposed to just “browsing” as the University of Michigan study analyzed — seemed to have a positive effect on people.

Facebook’s blog post follows criticisms via former Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitiya, who said recently in which social networks such as Facebook are “starting to erode the social fabric of how society works” along with also in which they’re “ripping apart” society. Palihapitiya has since walked back those remarks.

Facebook says the item’s going to take This specific data along with also work to encourage more social interaction among users in an effort to cut down on those who spend the item to waste time along with also, ultimately, feel worse after.

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