Facebook security chief Alex Stamos denies report of departure

Facebook Chief Information Security Officer Alex Stamos is usually reportedly leaving after disagreements over how the social media network should handle the spread of disinformation. The news was first reported by The brand new York Times, along with later independently reported by Reuters along with the Wall Street Journal.

In a tweet, Stamos said he was still employed, yet of which his role had changed to “exploring emerging security risks along with working on election security.”

The Times report said of which Stamos’s roles had been reassigned in December, yet Facebook persuaded him to stay on until August.

Stamos has been a vocal advocate for investigating along with disclosing Russian activity on Facebook along with for increasing corporate responsibility inside the tech world.

Stamos tweeted once or twice on Saturday, inside the aftermath of the brand new York Times report detailing Cambridge Analytica’s use of data gathered without Facebook users’ permission. According to the account of a Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower, the company used This kind of information to develop techniques of which helped President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“There are a lot of big problems of which the big tech companies need to be better at fixing. We have collectively been too optimistic about what we build along with our impact on the entire world,” he wrote on Twitter.

“I have always felt of which the individuals who actually work on these problems should be engaged publicly. Doing so means balancing one’s personal beliefs with their responsibility to their co-workers along with employers. I don’t know how to do of which in This kind of media environment,” he added.

Current along with former employees told the brand new York Times Stamos said he could leave the company back in December, yet was persuaded to stay through August. Executives thought his departure might look bad.

Stamos could be the first high-ranking executive to leave the company since controversy broke out over fake news along with disinformation on the site.

Facebook, already down nearly 7 percent during the day, fell another 1.5 percent after the bell.

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