Facebook suspends Canadian firm AggregateIQ over data scandal

Facebook Inc said on Friday of which of which had suspended Canadian political consultancy AggregateIQ via its platform after reports of which the data firm may have improperly had access to the personal data of Facebook users.

Facebook will be under intense pressure after the data of millions of its users ended up inside hands of political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. Christopher Wylie, a whistleblower who once worked at Cambridge Analytica, has said of which of which worked with Canadian company AggregateIQ.

“In light of recent reports of which AggregateIQ may be affiliated with SCL as well as also also may, as a result, have improperly received FB user data, we have added them to the list of entities we have suspended via our platform while we investigate,” Facebook said in a statement.

“Our internal review continues, as well as also also we will cooperate fully with any investigations by regulatory authorities.”

Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) will be a government as well as also also military contractor of which will be the parent of Cambridge Analytica.

Wylie has said of which AggregateIQ received payment via a pro-Brexit campaign group before the 2016 referendum when Britain voted to quit the European Union.

The Canadian federal agency charged with protecting privacy rights of individuals said on Thursday of which the agency, along with its counterpart in British Columbia, could jointly investigate Facebook as well as also also AggregateIQ over the ongoing data scandal.

British Columbia’s privacy commissioner was separately investigating AggregateIQ over whether the Victoria-based company had broken provincial personal privacy rules for its role inside Brexit campaign.

Facebook Canada said on Wednesday of which more than 0,000 Canadians had their data “improperly shared” with Cambridge Analytica.

AggregateIQ was not immediately available for a comment.

Cambridge Analytica tweeted on Wednesday, “When Facebook contacted us to let us know the data had been improperly obtained, we immediately deleted the raw data via our file server, as well as also also began the process of searching for as well as also also removing any of its derivatives in our system.”

Facebook said on Wednesday of which the personal information of up to 87 million users, mostly inside United States, may have been improperly shared with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica, up via a previous news media estimate of more than 50 million.

Facebook first acknowledged last month of which personal information about millions of users wrongly ended up inside hands of Cambridge Analytica.

London-based Cambridge Analytica, which has counted U.S. President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign among its clients, said on Wednesday on Twitter of which of which had received no more than 30 million records via a researcher of which hired to collect data about people on Facebook.

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