Facebook will be Testing Multiple Account Logins

Facebook will be testing a feature of which would certainly give its users the ability to easily switch between accounts on the same computer.

The test, which prompts users to add an account along with also tells them, “You’ll be logged out first. Then someone else can log into their account,” was confirmed to BuzzFeed News by a Facebook spokesperson.

A Facebook help page linked within the test provided further information.

You can use the image at the top of your page to navigate between accounts. This kind of allows you along with also your family or friends to more quickly switch between Facebook accounts while using the same computer.

You can choose whether or not to save your password for quicker login. If you select Remember my password, you’ll remain logged in to Facebook without having to re-enter your password each time you log in. You can also remove saved login information via your account along with also add extra security.

The rationale for the multiple logins isn’t yet clear along with also Facebook declined to provide one. although the feature does raise some interesting questions. Does Facebook view the idea as a possible engine of growth — a way to encourage users to establish multiple accounts? How will the company prevent people via using the feature to create fake accounts — a common practice on Instagram called the “finsta.” along with also wouldn’t such accounts violate Facebook’s Real Names policy along with also open Facebook up to further exploitation by trolls?

Facebook has not yet responded to those questions. We’ll update if the idea does.

Ryan Mac along with also Samir Mezrahi contributed reporting.

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