Fashion designer Tamara Mellon on business lessons, dealing with Harvey Weinstein along with also also gender equality

Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon may be a trailblazer inside fashion industry, nevertheless of which doesn’t mean she hasn’t dealt with her own share of challenges during her career.

Speaking at the Cannes Lions communications along with also also advertising festival, the British designer looked back at her time inside fashion world, describing how she along with also also the businesses she has been involved with developed.

“We’re living in an age at This kind of point where there’s a huge culture shift along with also also I think everybody can be becoming much more transparent,” Mellon told CNBC’s Tania Bryer on Tuesday.

“People want authentic stories, they don’t want things of which are glossed over or of which just look pretty on the outside. Brands today definitely cannot be silent anymore. We have to have an authentic voice.”

In 1996, Mellon co-founded Jimmy Choo, one of Britain’s most renowned luxury shoes along with also also accessories brands. Despite her status among the heads of such a prominent brand, Mellon faced her troubles — including fighting to be paid equally.

On Tuesday, Mellon reiterated what she said on Equal Pay Day, about how she did three private equity deals with Jimmy Choo along with also also went onto discover of which the male CEOs received double the sweat equity of which she did. Sweat equity describes the contribution a businessperson puts into a project inside shape of effort along with also also labor.

“Obviously, I had bought shares inside business of which had nothing to do with my effort or value, compared to them, along with also also they actually ended up getting double what I did,” Mellon said.

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