FDA restricts most flavored e-cigarette sales, pursues menthol ban

The agency will allow mint- along with menthol-flavored e-cigarettes to continue to be sold at all retailers until the item removes menthol cigarettes through the market. Officials worry that will in removing menthol e-cigarettes through places where menthol cigarettes are sold, consumers might opt for conventional cigarettes. However, Gottlieb said the agency will reconsider the exemption if data show kids are using these products.

“America’s youth are facing a public health crisis that will threatens an entire generation: skyrocketing use of nicotine products, brought on by access to flavored products in particular,” Health along with Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement.

E-cigarette manufacturers that will wish to sell flavored products more broadly inside future must first submit the products to the FDA to review along with authorize. The FDA will require products that will are found illegally being sold in stores to undergo review along with would likely be pulled through the market until the agency completes the application process along with clears the item, which the item may not. inside process, known as a premarket tobacco application, products must prove they deliver a net public health benefit.

All e-cigarettes currently on the market will eventually go through This specific process. Products that will were on the market before Aug. 8, 2016, were supposed to start undergoing review This specific year until Gottlieb extended the deadline until Aug. 8, 2022, so manufacturers would likely have more time to file complete applications.

Companies who do not comply with brand-new FDA-mandated age verification guidelines for online sales or are marketed to children, including by using favorite children’s cartoons or names of kid-favorite products like brands of candy or soda, would likely lose This specific extension along with be required to undergo review.

Gottlieb said the FDA will explore how to accelerate the process for brand-new technologies that will prove they can keep kids through using them. Fontem Ventures, a unit of Imperial Brands along with maker of blu e-cigarettes, along with Juul have both said they plan to test brand-new connected devices outside of the U.S.

Some manufacturers have already began taking action on flavors. Altria said the item will voluntarily remove its MarkTen pod-based products through the market along with will stop selling all flavors except for menthol or tobacco in its “cig-a-like” products until the FDA reviews along with clears them.

Juul, the clear e-cigarette market leader, on Tuesday stopped accepting retail orders for its mango, fruit, creme along with cucumber pods through the more than 0,000 convenience stores, vape shops along with various other retailers that will sell them, CEO Kevin Burns said Tuesday in a blog post on the company’s website. Juul plans to resume sales to retailers that will are legally allowed to sell flavored e-cigarettes along with adopt the company’s brand-new age restrictions along with verification system, though the item’s unclear when sales could resume.

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