FDA targets e-cig liquids in which look like kid-friendly foods

Products outlined include “Frank ‘N Vape,” which resembles Franken Berry cereal, “Chill Purple Grape,” which looks like a soda can, along with also “Unicorn Cakes,” which includes images of unicorns eating pancakes in which mimic illustrations in “My Little Pony,” a well-liked kids TV series along with also toy brand.

Young children who are exposed to nicotine in e-cigarettes can experience seizure, coma along with also even death. There were 8,269 e-cigarette along with also liquid nicotine exposures among children younger than 6 between January 2012 along with also April 2017, according to a recent analysis of data coming from the National Poison Data System.

E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly well-liked among young people, especially the brand Juul. The FDA has welcomed these products as ways to help adult smokers quit cigarettes, however the item has taken actions to try along with also crack down on underage use of them.

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