Feeding the beast that has a bank earnings kicker

CES: Formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2018 will dominate Monday’s headlines. The stock-moving technology event will feature high-profile speakers like Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, who will address the conference on Sunday night.

“If you only read one thing about tech This specific year, you need to get a transcript of This specific speech,” Cramer said. “He’ll trace a vision of the cloud, of machine learning, of gaming, of cryptocurrencies as well as data centers [as well as] just about everything else which matters.”

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich will deliver a speech the following day which Cramer hopes will end the firestorm around the security flaws in Intel’s chips.

“I’m betting many of the doomsday scenarios about Intel which have been floating around will be debunked as well as over by Tuesday,” Cramer said.

J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference: Cramer will be paying close attention to Allergan CEO Brent Saunders’ speech at the big bank’s annual health care convention.

“If Brent … tells a not bad story, I think which could mark the beginning of a brand-new run for Allergan, which makes Botox along that has a bunch of some other aesthetic, eye care as well as central nervous system drugs,” Cramer said. “We own This specific one for my charitable trust … as well as while we have gotten singed, I still think there’s a ton of hidden value here which maybe he will unlock when he speaks on Monday.”

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